6 Good Reasons Why You Should Think About Co-working

You are a start-up, an entrepreneur, or an employee working at home?  You do hesitate to enter the co-working world?

This article will help you making up your mind by listing some advantages co-working offers!

  • Networking.

    Co-working brings people together.

First of all, co-working enables NETWORKING. One of the keys to success according to many! Working in the same space as other people will enable you to forge ties with people with different backgrounds!

Believe us, this “simple fact” will more than probably be useful to your activity either directly or indirectly. Among others, you may take advantage of your co-workers network, you may create partnerships with them, .


  • Enhanced productivity.

productivity and coworking
Time is productivity.

Even if teleworking enables some advantages (no need to put your professional clothes, you can organize your day in a flexible way, and avoid the risk being stuck in the traffic jam) , in the long-term, people working alone at home very often identify several drawbacks.

First, professional human contact is rapidly missing,

Secondly, it is very easy to give in to distractions like the children, the dog, the cat, or even housework!

Thirdly, the motivation, being in pajama the all day is sometimes hard to find!

As a result, you are not productive and do less than planned … On the contrary, in a co-working space it is much more easy to concentrate!

In fact, you don’t have all the distractions mentioned above, but most of all, there is always that positive motivating working atmosphere in a co-working space. For sure, this will both enhance your motivation and your creativity!


  •  Exchange opportunities.

    Working with people from different backgrounds give you opportunities.

Working in a place with other people will enable the exchange of points of views.

You will be able to share your ideas in order to get objective feedbacks from the other co-workers.

As you may know, an external perspective is always something valuable!


  • Better work/life balance.

life and work balance
Having a separate time for yourself matters a lot.

Having a space dedicated to work will make for a better work-life balance. Indeed, it will be easier for you to structure your day and make sure you can enjoy private moments as well as being correctly concentrated for defined moments of work.

  • Credit.



Working in such spaces automatically gives you credit. Don’t be shy to mention where you work!


  • Attractive prices.

    save money
    One euro saved is one euro potentially re-invested.

Obviously, working in a shared space is much more affordable than renting a whole office.

The price will very often depend on the option you choose.

Indeed, you can decide to pay by hour, half day, full day, week, month, or pay to come twice a week if this is what you need, …

In other words, the system is very flexible, which means that you will only pay for what you need and nothing more!

The price will also variate according to the fact that you will ask for your own desk or not, your own computer or not, … while the internet connection, free coffee, and a printing service are very often included !


Check out some of the affordable co-working places listed on, it’s definitely worth having a try!


In Brussels : Le Phare du Kanaal, Transforma bxl, Co-oking

In Antwerp: HAVN CoWork , Spices & Sauzen 

In Ghent : C-Mine Crlb

In Duffel : The house of change