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Belgium, a Fertile Ground for Innovative Start-ups.

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have imagined Belgium being a dynamic start-up scene. You were wrong!

In fact, as reported by the website, the Belgian start-ups ecosystem is made up of more than 1901 entities across the country. They are supported by 209 enablers and 25 accelerators. SpareSpace is one of those 1901 and we are currently backed by B-Sprouts, an accelerator and incubator based in Brussels.

Belgium by its unique geography and framework enables itself to stand as a serious breeding ground to develop start-ups; firstly, as being at the crossroads of the European Union, Belgians often speak English as well as French and Flemish. Secondly, as Belgium is in some extent divided between Flanders and Wallonia, it enables a decentralisation of business opportunities from Brussels towards other cities, like Ghent or Liège for instance.

Many of these start-ups show commitment in order to make lives of people easier. Here is a sample of three interesting ones SpareSpace has chosen for you.


  • Campr

    campr sharing economy belgium
    Screenshot of Campr home page.

Campr is similar to SpareSpace, but with a focus on camping sites. Just like us, they are also member of the Start-it @KBC incubator program. It is “an online community for people to list, explore and book private and alternative campsites around the world”. They offer a whole new experience of what camping can be, by connecting campers who are looking for something different and camping site owners. You can find a wide range of different trips, from setting up your tent in one’s garden to sleeping in a transparent bubble!


belgian start-ups
Screenshot of Hytchers home page.


Hytchers is a Belgium based start-up which provides a crowd-shipping system. They want to make deliveries more ecological and cheaper for both E-commerces and online buyers, by reimbursing car drivers’ travel expenses. Indeed, nowadays our roads are partly occupied by polluting delivery trucks. Hytchers uses Total gas station as pick-up and drop-off sites for parcels. Random car drivers, on their way between home and work for example, would pick-up the parcels at the nearest first gas station and drop it at the nearest one from their destination. They get rewarded by getting free gas. This delivery system is favorable for all parts. It enables E-commerces to cut their costs on short distances, and the ecological impact is smaller. At SpareSpace we believe in such innovative ideas in order to make our environment greener.


  • Mother

    start up sparespace
    Bloom, their first launched product.

Mother is another example of how creative the Belgian start-up scene can be. They are “on a mission to develop products for self-sufficiency”. As a matter of fact, Mother, a direct reference to Mother Earth, designs self-sufficiancy tools and products for the home. They want to empower people by giving them the opportunity to make grow their own food with a high efficiency, using professional technology. Bloom, a growlight, is their first product and has many features. It automatically replicates sunrise & sunset, can be controlled by an app and is module into diverse positions. It can be only bought online for 639€.


These three Belgian start-ups are not similar, nor targeting the same markets. But share something in common, we all want to bring value to our community.

At SpareSpace, we are committed to help these start-ups in their development, by helping them find unique and stimulating meeting spaces, ateliers or pop up store spaces. This way startups can canalise their creativity and keep bringing innovative ideas to the world.


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