Why Your Business Should Use SpareSpace

In this post, we’ll present some advantages SpareSpace can offer for your business.
The examples below might give you some ideas you can implement in the future.



How many times have you been stuck in traffic when you were on your way to a meeting?
Why do You have to be the one that’s wasting time?
That just doesn’t sound fair.

There’s another way.

Why not meet on a location that’s the same distance for both sides?
This way you can chose a location where both of you won’t be stuck in traffic
and you save money on gas.
Also, you will be better prepared as you know what the space will look like.

Give it a try.

A nice meeting space in Mechelen. Perfect example of a space ‘in the middle’ of Brussels and Antwerp.
Click to have a look.


Treat your investors like they are your girlfriend.
Meeting in the same space time and time again will feel boring.

Having a talk with your investors in a beautiful place,
on a location that’s favorable for them, will make you look good.
You can chose a space with a great view, or one that has some delicious food.

These small things will be remembered.
If you play your cards right, you might just have an investor for life.

Beautiful space in Antwerp. Great place to impress Investors. 
Click to have a closer look


Same for your employees.
How can they stay motivated if they are surrounded by the same walls, day after day.

Treat them well, take them to another place from time to time.
Happy employees are more productive.

This will change their mindset. It might help them find a solution to a problem they otherwise wouldn’t have found.

Switch it up.

Elegant working space in Brussels. Can hold up to 20 people.
Click to have a look.



Invite some people over to a big space where they can exchange ideas.
You could even make an event out of it.

Bring a lot of people in the same room who work in similar fields.
They will network and might even have some great suggestions for your business.
New people will have a fresh look at the problems you’re facing.

Why not try a Co Working space?
You never know who you will meet there.
Bring your team to an environment where they can discuss and even learn something new.

SpareSpace Brussels

Luxurious Co-Working space in Brussels. Beautifully decorated.
Click to have a look.



Give your team the tools they need to brainstorm in a climate where creativity floats in the air.
A space with a modern look and that has all the latest digital devices will have a positive effect on your employees.

Organise a workshop where your team will learn something new.

Some examples

  • Let someone outside the company explain changes in the industry
  • Improve your teams digital skills
  • Show them successful campaigns
  • Have a fun workshop about something not work related to boost moral

Expand the mind of your employees. Only good things will come out of it.

SpareSpace Anwterp

Modern Open Loft In the heart of Antwerp. Let the creativity flow.
Click to have a look.