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How to rent out your free space and make money? The Ultimate HOST Guidebook !

OK …

So you want to list your available space TOTALLY FOR FREE on SpareSpace?

To reach possible renters for your space that’s just sitting there, and get the money flowing in?

Good idea!

In this HOST GUIDEBOOK we show you the way.

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We tell you:

What to do for sure
What NOT to do for sure
How to attract possible renters

How you can become a SUPERHOST !

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NOW, BEFORE WE START, just know this :

Listing your space on SpareSpace … is REALLY EASY !

It probably won’t take you more than 10 minutes. At least according to one of our hosts:

Great huh?

It really is !

how to make money sparespace

SO, onwards …

Just to make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity through SpareSpace, we created this simple HOST GUIDEBOOK.

It will show you everything you need to know, in a heartbeat.

Here it is: Our HOST GUIDEBOOK!

1. Write down a clear description of your space!

In order to attract guests, the first thing to have is a CLEAR AND DETAILED DESCRIPTION of your space.

This will avoid people looking for another space with a more complete description.

Tell your possible renters about:

The size of your space
The equipment inside your space
What can possible renters use it for (Birthday parties, dinners, weddings, meetings, co-working, …)?
Where is it located?
When is it (not) available?
What do renters need to know about your space?

So be clear and complete, it’s for your own good !

2. Pictures are important !

The more pictures of your space you show people, the better.

Spaces with pictures are rented out A LOT MORE OFTEN than spaces without pictures.

After all, you too want to see the goods before you buy them, right?

3. Select the right space TYPE !

Make sure you select the RIGHT SPACE TYPE:

To be found by the right people
To be rented for the appropriate objective
To not miss out on any renting opportunities

4. Other useful TIPS for HOSTS:

host sparespace tips

To have more chances to see your space being booked, decrease the length of the minimum possible stay.

Being flexible in the cancellation policy, will help attracting more customers, but of course, you are free to do what you want.

Regarding the PRICE, you have total control. However, make sure your price is reasonable compared with what you offer. If you could use some help with that, just ask us.

Naturally, be POLITE, HONEST as well as pleasing with everyone on the platform. That way, you will get positive ratings and reviews, which will bring you other guests.

Be REACTIVE on the platform, answer your messages as quick as possible. Otherwise, guests may think you are not trustworthy.

Regarding your PROFILE, we recommend that you add a profile picture, as it’s always nice to know who we are talking to.

Also, don’t hesitate to show you are ENTHUSIASTIC about answering guests’ questions!

5. How to become a SUPERHOST?

How to become a SpareSpace SUPERHOST

You can become a SUPERHOST quite easily! if you want to off course.


Surprise your guests by offering them some biscuits and juices, even if it was not included in the booking.

If you can welcome your guests, take advantage of it and take 5 minutes of your time to guide them around your space.

This kind of extra will be highly appreciated and possibly be mentionned in the reviews about your place!

If you can’t welcome them, make sure that everything is ok through a message or a call, in other words, show that you care about your guests!

You can also write your own small guide, in which some different aspects of your space can be mentioned, such as:

Transportation options
Restaurants, bars, take-aways in the neighbourhood that you like
Contacts in case of need

So everything what you think may be relevant for the renters for your space!

Need help?

Contact us!