Meeting your clients to pitch your project

When you have spent days, weeks or even months working on a design, there’s little more disappointing than your client turning it down. As much as we all like to think that the sheer strength of our arguments can persuade them to sign off on it, reality is, sometimes, it just isn’t enough.

You want to impress your clients, make everything perfect, and make them feel just right, to put all the chances on your side. Part of what can make the difference is where you meet. When you work from a home office, or if your client is based in another city or even country, it can be complicated to find the right place to wow them.

This is where SpareSpace comes in. With SpareSpace, you can easily select and book the right meeting room or creative space from a wide selection of venues in cities around Europe and the US, helping you find that perfect space for you to sway your clients.

Take a look at a couple of the options available here below, or search our collection to find just the right space for you. The rest of that meeting, though, is still up to you.

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