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3 reasons why you should organise more off-site meetings

Here comes the summer (not in Brussels though) and holidays: half of your collaborators are on vacation and the other half have their mind on it; a working place can be a stressful and non-stimulating environment; but you need to organise a meeting to set up goals and business objectives. However, gathering your colleagues in a poorly lit meeting room might not be the best solution for a productive discussion. But off-site meetings may be one.

At SpareSpace, we provide the use of venues for off-site meetings on two continents for wherever you want to talk: from a chilled-out loft to a coffee shop with an excellent Wifi connection.



  • Having off-site meetings can be a stress reliever

Working in the same place 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and having repetitious meetings in a stressful environment is not ideal. Indeed, stress can lead to burn-out and seriously decreases their productivity. This wouldn’t play in favour of your company’s results and activities. If you cannot afford a business trip with your employees, just organise a meeting outside of the office: a walk in the nearest park or a lunch at a restaurant. Lead a meeting or a team-building event where they would feel freer.

If you’re working in a stressful (e.g. badly lit) working space, choose a location with bright windows. You can even work outdoors if the weather is good enough. It has been proven by scientists that “integrating plants in the work environment not only beautifies the environment but has been proven to reduce absenteeism and stress, lower blood pressure, increase positive feelings, lower noise levels…,” according to Burton Ways, an interior designer for Forbes.



  • Off-site meetings stimulate one’s creativity and involvement

It is certainly difficult to be stimulated by an environment in which you spend most of your day. The daily grind may be an imagination killer. Meetings often occur at the same place, at the same time with the same people. This is why choosing a place outside of their daily environment can be a good idea, especially when it comes to long conferences and seminars or collaborative sessions. Workers would be involved and present in an atypical and thrilling environment.

Working on a collaborative and brainstorming session can also be done in a coffee-shop or even a small bar. But first, make sure that it’s not too busy and loud. Being in a more informal background could help your collaborators to open up their minds and bring new ideas to the table.



  • And last but not at least, off-site meetings help for optimizing discussions to achieve your company’s targets.

On a regular on-site meeting, it’s not rare that collaborators do anything but listen to the meeting. Although all collaborators are physically present, 91% of employees declared in a survey that they were daydreaming during meetings. 73% did other work in meetings, and 39% slept, according to Atlassian. This leads most of them to think that most of the meetings are a complete waste of time.

Meetings are supposed to be a privileged moment to define objectives and to check progress. This is why everyone should be highly focused because managers often convey important messages. Every employee or manager should involve themselves and take part in talks. As a matter of fact, meetings are meant to improve one’s productivity and performance. If this lethargy is the result of monotonic meetings and stress, why wouldn’t you take out your meetings to increase your employees’ involvement with them?




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