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Regain your inspiration with a simple change of scenery

Have you ever been tired of sitting in the same office space – or in your home office – every day? Or felt stuck, staring at your blank screen, feeling like no inspiration was coming? Or perhaps simply felt the need to change view or meet like-minded people while working? As a creative writer of any kind, you are not alone.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed. Changing your setting, or the dynamic around you. If you have ever tried working in a coworking space you’ll probably know how creatively stimulating it can feel to be in new surroundings, among other people in the same situation as you. Suddenly you can regain that focus or inspiration of yours, and you can finish that project or chapter in just a few hours, that you’d been pushing aside for days or weeks.

SpareSpace can help you. We offer a growing number of exciting coworking spaces in cool, creative surroundings. When you feel stuck, with an urge to see something new, look through  our collection to find one, like these below, or to view many other venues, for business or leisure.

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