There are so many possibilities you have with an empty space.
You probably haven’t even thought about it.

In this blog post we’ll show you some ideas on what you could do. 


Always wanted to host your own workshop? It’s possible!
For example, you might be really good at yoga?
Why not teach it to some of your friends.
Your first steps to becoming a real yoga instructor.
Could be fun!

You might be passionate about cooking and you like to teach.
If this sounds like you,
you could organise some cooking classes in one of our empty spaces.
Who knows what your cooking future holds.



Not enough space where you live to do your art?

Rent an empty space for a few hours to work on it in peace.
Nobody to disturb you and you have all the space you need.
This could be something you do every week so that you can store some materials there.

You would like to make a table for your living room, but you don’t have the space to do it?
SpareSpace can offer you a solution.

You want to take your music production to the next level?
Or you are just driving the people around you crazy?
Rent an empty space and work in your private music studio as loud as you want.


You usually go babysitting to make some extra money?
Here’s an idea. Why not bring a lot of children to the same place.

That way you can babysit on more than 1 child at the same time and earn way more.

You would need some toys to keep the kids entertained or you could organise an activity.
The space will cost you some money to rent, but in the end
you will earn more than just babysitting on 1 child.

This could be very popular during vacations when the parents have to work!


Not enough space where you live to work out at home?
Look on SpareSpace for an empty space in your neighborhood you could use.

A lot of people have some equipment to work out but don’t have the space.
Or for example you get a kid and suddenly your home gym has to go.
SpareSpace can offer you an empty space you could turn into a small gym not that far away.

By having a private gym you don’t have to worry about the other gym members.
You could even hire a personal coach or work out with some of your fitness buddies.


It might be the case that you’re a business(wo)man who has a lot of clients that usually come over to your place to discuss business. Rent an empty space to make your home office a little further away from your family.
Respect your family and keep business outside the home.

Also, if you just don’t have enough space where you live to make a necessary home office.
Or you have to meet with clients for a short period of time and you don’t know where you can do it in private.
SpareSpace can provide you one not that far away.