Four kinds of Spaces that You would Never imagine you Could Rent Out!

As our regular readers may know, SpareSpace is a wonderful platform which helps people find unique spaces for different activities. Over the past year we’ve been focussing on getting a lot of professional spaces on our platform.

But our goal from the start was to lower the barriers to entry for renting out any space; not only the professional spaces. Therefor, we want to give you some ideas about how to make profit from your untapped SpareSpaces.


  • The Swimming Pool

rent out pool spaces
Be sure that people would be delighted to rent yours!


For those who grew up in the countryside where half of your neighbors have a pool, it might sound silly. But for those who grew up in a bigger city, where having a pool is a luxury, it sounds awesome.

More people than you would think would be ready to pay just to rent a private swimming pool. Public swimming pools in summer can be overcrowded and city-dwellers would be happy to rent yours with their friends or family. Even just for a couple of hours.


  • Your Own House!


spaces house
You can rent this nice house in Ranst on SpareSpace.

Why not? Of course, not for an accomodation purpose. But it’s a great way to generate revenue from your place, as you’re probably working in the day and your house is empty anyway.

If your house is nice and cosy, be aware that companies or individuals would definetely like to rent it for a day.  It could be used for a team-building workshop, a photoshoot or a big family gathering.


  • Your Terrace or Garden

sparespace garden
Let your guests enjoy your garden or terrace.

It has been scientifically proven that human beings need to be surrounded by nature.  Nevertheless most of the people who live in town occupy a flat . They consequently don’t have a direct access to an outdoor living area.

That’s why renting out your garden or your terrace, could be a good idea. People could just enjoy being outdoor with their friends without compromising their intimacy.


  • Your Basement!

basement spaces
You’ll never know what can happen in your basement!

Your basement may look more messy than this one. It’s okay. You probably never thought you could make money by renting it out. Well, it’s possible! If your basement is at least a tiny bit soundproof, you could definetely let a band rent it and having their own repetition space. A bit edgy, isn’t it?

Also, as analog photography is coming back under the spotlight, some photographs need a dark room like this one to develop their films.  Maybe you could turn your basement into a development studio!