SpareSpace & B-sprouts: The dynamic duo that changed a trainee’s life.

Who would have thought that being a trainee for a start-up would be so much fun and would pack that many surprises? To begin with, I had a completely different idea about the company structure, the week kicked of with me being at the B-sprouts offices at 9am sharp. I look around I see no one, I continue searching and I find the Founder of PIP who told me that I was extremely early and that no one comes here at 9 am sharp except for the B-sprouts employees. The first week went by faster than I thought it would as I had plenty of work to do. Every day I got up to go to B-sprouts, I was excited beyond imagination even though I didn’t have to be present at B-sprouts I was there daily because of its delightful environment.

  • One of the best start-ups in Belgium

Working for SpareSpace was quite a shocking fact itself. Imagine that you work for one of the best start-ups in Belgium. How does it feel? Extraordinary to say the least and in combination with B-sprouts, you don’t get that kind of opportunity every day. All my colleagues at the university were quite jealous since most of them did  not accumulate any practical experience and did not get the chance to expand their network. Thanks to B-sprouts mentor day and its working environment in general I was able to expand my network. I also got the opportunity to accumulate enough practical experience that would enable me to reach my goals easier that is something I cherish deeply. I was one of the few to get the most out of this 3-week traineeship and I must thank SpareSpace and B-sprouts for it.

  • Meeting the team

I had met Jo the CEO of SpareSpare earlier to sign my trainee contract, I have an ability to read people when I see them for the first time. I saw him and my first thought to come through my mind was that no doubt he was going to be an amazing boss. Stijn the digital marketing guy for SpareSpace confirmed me on this that Jo truly is a cool guy to work for. I met Olivier and he had a different feel around him, different than Jo although both are extremely qualified and competent personalities with very interesting backgrounds. Due to my short stay I was not able to meet the entire team. However Jo, Olivier and Stijn were very keen on helping me and providing constructive feedback whenever they could.

  • Approached by an intriguing lady that knew 6 Languages!

I did not believe the second week would pack more surprises, but I was mistaken. Actually the 2nd week was more interesting than the 1st one. Monday afternoon I was working on my newly-assigned tasks when suddenly the Founder of Beneworld Mrs.Benedicte Duhaut approached me and asked me to briefly inform about SpareSpace. She said Hello in 6 separate languages and she knew partial Greek! The fact that she spoke 5 different languages fluently blew me away. I felt more relaxed the moment she spoke Greek, I explained the services of SpareSpace as best as I could, she was delighted by the services of SpareSpace and she gave me her card. The team was quite happy about it. Maybe someday SpareSpace could work with Beneworld, who knows?

  • Mentor day comes, and I started panicking again!

Mentor day was an important date for us. Mentors from different companies would come and give feedback that would enable SpareSpace to improve and achieve its goals. I sat down and listened to what the mentors were saying, when suddenly they ask about my background. For a couple of seconds, my body froze then I realized that I must speak up otherwise I would give a negative impression to the mentors. This had to be avoided at all costs. Mentor day was truly something I had never attended before and I would attend again in a heartbeat. It was a remarkable experience being able to meet such qualified and professional individuals.

  • Would I work for SpareSpace again as a trainee (or something else)?

If Jo (The CEO) made me such proposal I would accept that in an instant, what more could you possibly want from your working environment? Flexible working hours, open-minded highly qualified people, a great start-up with immense potential that at some point could dominate the Belgian market and quite likely go big soon! Working for SpareSpace in combination of the working environment of B-sprouts completely changed the way I worked and viewed things in life. In just 3-weeks all this happened, I can only imagine how would it be like to work for longer periods of time.