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Become a SpareSpace Host

  • Make Money With Your Unused Space

    Do you have space that sits un(der)used? Put your space to work, build your brand and make money.


  • List Your Space, it's FREE

    SpareSpace makes it easy to list your space, add photos, manage the availability, set diferent price points & accept reservations and payments. SpareSpace will only take a 15% commission on every transaction, just to keep us going.

    When you have listed your Space, SpareSpace will actively promote your Space on Social Media, Google Search, etc. We are only happy when we make you succeed in renting out your un(der)used Space!

    No long commitment necessary, you can jump in and out of SpareSpace when you want!


  • Get paid. Fast and hassle free

    SpareSpace will process the payment securily and transfer it to your bank or Paypal account for FREE.

    So say goodbye to late payments, or even worse, to chasing payments.


  • Build your brand & grow your community

    Sharing your Space makes it easy to connect with people in different industries. Create new relationships & leads and grow your business.


    • Receive 24/7 Customer Support

      We stay up all night, so you don't have to. Customer support is here for you and your customers 24/7, every day of the year. Don't worry our team has enough coffee to make it through the night.


    • Be part of the revolution

      With SpareSpace we are revolutionizing the way businesses and people connect with spaces. We are creating an ecosystem to create new connections and partnerships in a flexible and open world.