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Need help setting up your SpareSpace? Here is SpareSpace Interiors!

  • SpareSpace Interiors

    So you have a SpareSpace, but not sure how to furnish, style or brand it?

    No worries, SpareSpace Interiors has got your back!


  • You have got a clear idea for you SpareSpace!?

    You want to turn your space into a flexible pop-up store experience?

    Or what about a top notch co-work space?

    Or what about an event space where people can meet and have seminars?


  • SpareSpace Values

    SpareSpace Interiors is Modular, Circular & Custom

    Modular: SpareSpace Interiors is based on a modular furniture system that acts like building blocks. We can create and recreate complete interiors by configuring different blocks.

    Circular: Our modular furniture system allows to configure new interiors solutions without generating any waste.

    Custom: To give your pop-up its own identity we style and brand your spare space costume your concept.


  • Get your quote now!

    Contact the SpareSpace Interiors team now for a free consultation & quote !


    • Receive 24/7 Customer Support

      We stay up all night, so you don't have to. Customer support is here for you and your customers 24/7, every day of the year. Don't worry our team has enough coffee to make it through the night.


    • Be part of the revolution

      With SpareSpace we are revolutionizing the way businesses and people connect with spaces. We are creating an ecosystem to create new connections and partnerships in a flexible and open world.